Try ScooUber!

ScooUber is the fun new way to travel the last mile!

How this works?

So you need to get somewhere for whatever reason.  its about a 1km walk.  You find a scooter, specify the location, pay via paypal or world first (TransferWise), you will receive an unlock code for the chain, unlock the scooter, scooter to your destination, lock it back up to a lamp and check out!

Here are the steps

  1. Hire – the scooter using the shopping cart
  2. Unlock Scooter – On successful payment, use unlocking code on chain
  3. Have fun – Use the scooter and enjoy the sights of Sydney!
  4. Return to location – Once finished, simply reply to email that you have returned scooter (or specify location) and deposit will be returned to your paypal account.

Pay online and state the time and location and the scooters will be provided!

We are in the concept phase to see the viability of renting scooters.

Our aim is to provide:

  1. A safe, convenient and friendly method to scoot around Sydney using kick scooters
  2. An efficient way to see tourist hot spots
  3. Enjoy the sights of Sydney without all the walking

What to Wear?

a. Joggers (Very difficult to scoot in flip-flops)

b. Active wear or casual comfortable attire

c. Hat and sunscreen

What Next?

  1. Shop online to see some great deals!
  2. Click to Sign Waiver, And
  3. Await for our team to contact you!



ScooUber strives to keep information stored on this server up to date, but does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability or currency of the information. Any errors in the information that are brought to our attention will be corrected as soon as possible.

*Scoo-Uber has no affiliation to Uber the car sharing company.