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ScooUber provide the most technologically advanced electric scooters to get you from A-B swiftly, avoid traffic and enjoy the journey!

The fun and unique ScooUber T-Shirt is a parody of a rather large app sweeping the world :)

When you wear this shirt you enjoy the moment, the future, the changes and the endless possibilities of this amazing world we live in!

The shirt is fun, simple and comfortable. They are selling fast so don’t miss out so order yours today!

Background to T-Shirt

‘Disrupt, Disruptors’, ‘Nothing is impossible’ and ’embrace change’

The world is currently being disrupted with apps, in particular a large car sharing mobile app.

If you kept a close eye on this mobile app and the icon logo changes, they have changed rather quickly.

ScooUber asks the question: When will the car sharing app be disrupted? We have an answer, but what are your thoughts?

The shirt merges the story of using old scooters with the new technology. Scooters have been around forever.  We at ScooUber envisage both man and machine can be as one, hence the name Cyborg2.0. Sometimes you push/kick scooter manually but you also have the assistance of the advanced electric functions. We believe this is happening now and the way of the future.

The Design

The ‘C’ is reversed to original logo. When things appear backwards, such as videos or images they appear and feel differently to the eye and create a new story. Think of a tea cup falling to the floor and smashing to a thousand pieces, now reverse that video. The cup reforms and the story ends differently, which is probably impossible in real life, but through the video it is a possibility. The ‘U’ indicates the world changes quickly and in some cases does not resemble anything it was before.

The use of App Icons as letters indicates the future of technology.  Just as the wheel, the sewing machine, the internet changed the world, apps are changing the world we live in. Who knows what is next? So we say embrace and celebrate change and technology.

Want to know more about the history of this mobile app? Click to Read more

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