About Us


We are the latest stockists of scooters in Australia. We rent and sell the latest scooters from around the world and make available locally.



We are located at Level 4, 241 Castlereagh st, Sydney, NSW 2000


Why we do what we do?

To provide the latest, quality, affordable and efficient scooters to get you around town!

ScooUber aims to provide:

  1. you a fun option for the ‘Last KM’ mode of transport
  2. you a healthy commuting option through scooting
  3. you an affordable transportation alternative

Through Scooting you can:

    1. Live in the moment
    2. Increase lifestyle
    3. Leave for work when you want to
    4. Reduce the need to drive your car
    5. Why Stroll and you can roll?qtq80-rD3Ste


Questions ScooUber raises:

  1. Is there another alternative to commuting at peak times of the day?
  2. Are there healthy alternatives to arriving at work?